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Comunicación, (post)-ciencia y resistencia (in)-disciplin and millions of other books . Paperback; Language: Spanish; ISBN X; ISBN .
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More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. From: Librerias Prometeo Malaga, Spain.

Elementos para la construcción de una estrategia de ruptura

Dust Jacket Condition: Nuevo. More information about this seller Contact this seller Published by EAE Jun Condition: Neu. From: BuchWeltWeit Inh. Ludwig Meier e. Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Published by Editorial Reverte About this Item: Editorial Reverte, El tiempo no es una entidad objetiva empiricamente observable. Constituye mas bien un organizador simbolico de primer orden que compete a los tres pilares sobre los que se asienta lo cultural como red trans-subjetiva de sentidos potenciales, a saber, el poder, las identidades y el saber.

La temporalidad es el modo en que interpretamos el presente de acuerdo con una diferenciacion variable entre el pasado y el futuro. En ese sentido, podemos localizar distintos tipos de temporalidad historicamente aprehendidos conforme toma y ha tomado presencia lo que somos, lo que hemos sido y lo que podemos llegar a ser.

El gran libro de las brujas

El tiempo se futuriza o desfuturiza como pantalla de proyeccion de nuestras acciones selectivas; condiciona y es condicionado a la vez por nuestros comportamientos en funcion del modo en que nos abrimos o cerramos al cambio social. Cualquier lectura interpretativa de la temporalidad socialmente construida nos da las pistas sobre un especifico proyecto historico y, por tanto, politico concreto. Seller Inventory KNV Seller Inventory eeedb2bb1bc5ceb All Finish Line associates should be courteous and friendly to one another in order to promote a good working environment as well.

On The Job Experience The Distribution Center makes every effort to expose its associates to a wide range of work opportunities.

Guide Comunicación, (post)-ciencia y resistencia (in)-disciplinaria (Spanish Edition)

We are confident that if you apply yourself fully and develop competencies, before long you will have encountered just about everything that is involved in a fast-paced, large-volume distribution facility. Open Door Policy All members of management have an "open door policy" and are receptive to the needs and concerns of our associates.

The management team believes that we can resolve job-related issues. We welcome the opportunity to help resolve any problem that may hinder job performance.

Versión completa.“Todos somos tataranietos de un científico”. Javier Santaolalla, Doctor en Física

Finish Line is an equal opportunity employer. All employees have the right to enjoy a work environment free from all forms of illegal discrimination, including sexual harassment. Such conduct does not advance the purposes of Finish Line. Make sure to report suspected theft or acts of dishonesty.

Don't let the careless acts of a few associates affect all of us. If you have a suspicion, problem or complaint, the best thing to do is to bring the situation to the attention of your supervisor. He or she is in the best position to discuss and help resolve your problem. If a discussion with your supervisor is not possible or does not result in a satisfactory solution, you should direct the problem to your department manager or director.

If you are not comfortable discussing the situation with the management team, please contact the Human Resources Business Partner or use the following numbers to contact appropriate personnel at corporate headquarters. The caller may remain anonymous. As a non-union associate, you can deal directly with management, without third party representation, about issues important to you. We greatly value our ability to deal with our associates directly as individuals, and believe our associates feel the same way.

Finish Line strives to provide the advantages of good jobs with fair treatment for deserving applicants. It should not be necessary for you or anyone else to belong to any union in order to work at our company. With these beliefs, it is our positive intention to oppose union formation. If you have any questions about the effects of unionization, please ask your manager, the Personnel Administrator, or the Human Resource Business Partner.

Associates of Finish Line are employed on an "at-will" basis. Associates are free to leave of their own volition, or can be terminated at the discretion of the Company. No supervisor, manager, or representative of Finish Line other than the president has the authority to enter into any agreement with you regarding the terms of your employment that changes our at-will relationship or deviates from the provisions in this handbook.

The policies in this supplement are subject to applicable state and local law. The policies are presented in summary form in this supplement. Employment status Finish Line has standard definitions of employment and classifies employees according to these definitions: 1. Full-time: Employment in an established position requiring 35 or more hours of work per week.

Comunicación, (post)-ciencia y resistencia (in)-disciplinaria (Spanish Edition)

Full-time employees are eligible for participation in benefit programs. Part-time: Employment in an established position requiring less than 35 hours of work per week. Exempt: Those employees who are employed in an executive, administrative, or professional capacity as defined by the federal Department of Labor and who are not covered by the federal minimum wage and maximum hours laws; or 2. Non-Exempt: Those employees who are not employed in an executive, administrative, or professional capacity as defined by the federal Department of Labor and who are covered by the federal minimum wage and maximum hours laws.

Non-exempt employees are paid on an hourly basis and are eligible for overtime pay. All employees, regardless of employment status, are subject to Company rules and procedures. An associate whose employment status has changed will be eligible for the benefits for the new status upon completion of established service requirements.

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Please contact the Human Resources Department for information and paperwork for enrolling in newly eligible benefits. New Hire Orientation All new associates must go through an orientation program when they begin employment. Information such as new hire paperwork, benefit recap, basic policies and procedures will be covered.

Furthermore, the employee must watch all required orientation videos. Both the new associate and the Distribution Center Personnel Administrator sign off on the form that all items have been covered and understood.

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Finish Line reserves the right to extend the Introductory Period for associates who have not successfully learned the full scope of their position, but who have successfully completed training in portions of the duties. An extension may also be applied in cases where questionable behavior, performance, or attendance issues have arisen. During any time of the introductory period, Finish Line may terminate the associate if it becomes apparent the associate is not able or willing to fulfill the requirements of the position or is in violation of Company policy. Successful completion of the Introductory Period, however, does not constitute a contract for employment.

Personal Information The Human Resources Department maintains a record of your personal information and Company employment history. Also, there may be additional forms to complete if you participate in certain benefit plans. If your name is not correct on your pay stub and you have already obtained a new social security card with the correct name, please make a copy of it and give it to the Distribution Center Personnel Administrator, or the Human Resources Business Partner.

If you have not requested a new card, please do so and promptly notify the Distribution Center Personnel Administrator, or the Human Resources Business Partner when you have received your new card. This information is personal and restricted, and only authorized persons will have access to it. Work Schedules Your supervisor will set your working hours. All personal preparations, such as visiting lockers, restrooms, break rooms, and making phone calls need to be completed prior to entering the Distribution Center work floor and clocking in.

Once you have clocked in, do not leave the work floor until time for your next break. Breaks Your work schedule determines your breaks. Your supervisor should notify you when to take your breaks. Please keep in mind you must take your breaks when they are scheduled. This pay reflects the two-week period ending on the previous Saturday. Deductions from your pay will include all withholdings required by law, as well as deductions authorized by you. Hourly associates working on any shift other than first shift will be entitled to a shift differential in addition to their normal hourly wage.

If you have any questions regarding computation of your pay hours or rate , please ask your supervisor. Finish Line will give no cash advances. Payroll Inquiries Any questions concerning payroll or status changes should be brought to the attention of your supervisor, manager, the Personnel Administrator, the Human Resources Business Partner or Payroll.