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Inflating a Dog (The Screenplay) Paperback [Eric Kraft] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Adapted for the screen from the eighth volume of.
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'Breaking In' Film Review: Gabrielle Union Battles Burglars and Script Limitations

Whether or not he has a funny bone in his body is hard to tell - after all, he does get the actors to swagger and swoon with requisite gusto. The problem may lie more in the chosen form, despite all the efforts to puncture the bubble of historical accuracy, this is absolutely mainstream costume romance.

Every last codpiece is given the painstaking period look; the muddy streets feel researched to the last wisp of straw. The earnestness that invariably attends such re-creations only stifles the humour. Why not take a lead, instead, from the hyper-stylised feel of Olivier's Henry V and really dare us to suspend disbelief? What we get is an all-out attempt to dazzle us with English Heritage prestige. When Will's play is finally performed, the camera wheels, the music surges, and we're invited to gasp at the Birth Of A Legend. Fiennes and Paltrow at least play the glamour ticket with considerable charm.

See a Problem?

Looking like a Nicholas Hilliard miniature, Fiennes gives Will just a dash of Errol Flynn, stopping short of sending himself up too rotten. And Paltrow, honing her Sliding Doors drawl, is wryly unselfconscious, convincingly slipping in and out of a chatty version of blank verse. But the film doesn't wear its conspicuous cleverness lightly. This sort of theatrical conceit needs to be dashed off with the flair of a Lubitsch, or at least the flip dryness of Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway.

Sniping at what's already been celebrated as a major national triumph always looks not-quite-cricket, but Madden's film is transparently one of those things that the British Do So Well, and the Americans fund so handsomely. It sets out to provide more than your money's worth, but Shakespeare In Love falls some way short of infinite jest. Related pages.

Shakespeare in Love. The official site. Watch the trailer.

The Mummy. Made in Hong Kong. The Debt Collector. Rogue Trader. Simon Birch. The Lost Son. The Big Hit. What could be worse? Axeing the Zombie by James Moen dethan Short, Comedy - Jake has been fired from his job as a zombie extra but like any good zombie he won't go away.

Luckily Grandpa knows just the stories to brighten her mood. Bangkok, U. Bar Code Scan by Wes Short, Comedy - Three ultra high tech geeks on their way to a Silicon Valley gadget conference get stuck in line at the grocery store behind a guy writing a paper check. Technology ensues. During the night before his Bar Mitzvah, a very strange but familiar person breaks in through his window and takes him far away to a 'factory' where 'his help is highly needed.

The Bathroom Attendant by Brendan Kent Short, Comedy, Sketch Comedy - It's usually pretty awkward when someone waits for you to use the bathroom, only to hand you a paper towel, something you could have easily done yourself. But what if a bathroom attendant did more that that? Baxter's Wish by Mike Shelton Short, Comedy - When two stoners discover a magical, talking pumpkin, they learn that the life of a pumpkin is never easy and the only way for one to achieve a proper death is to be baked into delicious pumpkin pies.

Every man needs a break. Every man needs to be a man sometimes. Beacon Station by Tierney Gunter Short, Comedy - An Icelandic woman facing deportation finds herself caught up with a group of people seeking the services of a master jack-o'-lantern carver in New York State. Beano Fauxmercial by Ian J. Courter Short, Comedy - A husband returns from a night out with the boys only to be confronted by an angry wife who asks for only one little thing. To combat this they throw a backyard BBQ.

The situation goes from bad to worse after Doug unintentionally runs over the neighbors cat. Prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown! Better Than Never by Brandon Schinzel Short, Comedy - A rush for an important luncheon turns out to be a hilarious disaster in traffic. After arriving at Danny's house to pick him up for the wedding, he discovers Danny is very hungover from the bachelor party the night before.

Are you proud of your brains, your writing, your breasts, or your balls. Blank Canvas by Howard Jensen colkurtz8 Short, Comedy, Drama - A passionate though bumbling, first-time politician struggles to navigate the PR circuit in the run up to the local elections. The people in the house have the wrong guy. A Bold Move by Silva Mungai Short, Comedy - A teenager's moral volition is tested when he meets his girlfriend's parents for the first time. The criminal is looking to acquire Borat's controversial yet powerful moustache.

Although he has not found the treasure, the murderer is attacked by Borat's enemies. On the other side of the town, a Harvard professor, Dr. Roberto Langdoni, and Borat's granddaughter, Sophie, try to find the murderer. Although they are also unsuccessful in their adventure, with the help of Lee Tabling, who is a Borat-hater, Langdoni and Sophie are able to discover the secret of the holy moustache. Bottom by Logan McDonald Short, Comedy - A straight adult star has some second thoughts after he agrees to act in a gay porn.

Breakfast In The Air by Alex Brauck PrussianMosby writing as Short, Comedy - During their morning break, two incapable pilots discuss high politics as they accidentally steer their fighter jet into a flock of deadly Himalaya geese. However, both adopt two very different comforting techniques. All you need is 2 actors, 2 cars and an empty parking lot. Bubby by Zack Van Eyck Short, Comedy - A young woman in love with her Teddy Bear, "Bubby," struggles in her relationships with men - until she meets a man who, unbeknownst to her, is also in love with a Teddy Bear. Can they find true love with someone who isn't stuffed with fluff?

The answer is revealed in this hilarious comedic romp. Male and female lead. Female supporting role.

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Writer has produced feature credits. Bullion by Josh Park Short, Comedy - A stand-up comedian, in the midsts of a dramatic new life change that's forcing him to grow up, finds Nazi gold in the backyard. Bum Travel by Michael Taylor Qualeman Short, Comedy - One lucky bum takes a ride through space and time, learning a valuable lesson. Together they are the burglars. Each episode they try and organise a robbery from someone who's annoyed them, or they set a challenge for themselves if they see something they like the look of. For example they would say they Rob robbed it if it's Rob, Nick nicked it if it's Nick or Jack jacked it if it's Jack.

Not a Zebra. Adventure and fun follow.

Comedy, love, and a bit with a dog

By Its Cover by E. Komar Short, Comedy - A man hits it off with a beautiful woman, but soon learns not to judge a book by its cover. By The Knockers by Rhys Hicks Short, Comedy - A conversation with an elderly lady causes Eric, an uptight young man, to shake his inhibitions and take more risks. Cameras on the Camerons by Mikal The Creater Short, Comedy - The Camerons are a black family consisted of a black father and his girlfriend along with two grown daughters who have their own families. They deal with modern, everyday problems that an average family deals with such as school racism, Dad's new girlfriend, and the crazy sister Aliyah.

Candy Machine by Jacob F. Keller Short, Comedy - A young man's quest for a midnight snack leads to a night in jail. The wife discovers the assault weapon. Catering For Kidnap by Luke Prince lukeprince09 Short, Comedy - A trio of career criminals rendezvous in a remote location, but they soon realise they're missing something vital. Causal by Prahaas Oldman Short, Comedy, Drama - A boy and a girl talk about their relationship, diving into the deeper providing layers to their conversation and unfolding them towards the end, dramatically and humorously. Caution Wet Floor by Oscar Moreno Short, Comedy - A shy young man recurs to desperate and dangerous measures to get the attention of the girl of his dreams.

Black List 2013: Full Screenplay List

Caution: Wet Floor by Oscar Moreno Short, Comedy - A shy young man recurs to desperate and dangerous measures to get the attention of the girl of his dreams. Centergate by Chad Carr Short, Comedy - A high end apartment complex with high end residents have to deal with low end sarcastic leasing consultants.

Change by Cameron Dueker CameronD writing as Nobody Important Short, Comedy, Drama - A passive but opportunistic ice cream clerk jumps at the chance to impress his secret crush when his chance arises.