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I work directly within the publishing industry in the US, so a lot of my ideas are practical and immediately applicable. One of the questions that concern me is: What are the alternative worlds and futures that we are offering to our consumers? Science fiction and fantasy has a very large consumer base, including the readership of books and the audience of Hollywood movies, TV shows, games and other media.

A large part of this consumer base is young, still in the formative years of their personalities.

Equality and diversity in speculative fiction are two of my major goals. In a different world, is white still the dominant race of humans? Do poverty, homophobia, ableism and other discriminations exist in other worlds, among other species that are not even human? Do nations exist?

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Is war still the solution to global disagreements? How do we imagine worlds that are free of the biases that exist in the world we have? Butler, the first major African American, queer, working-class, woman writer of science fiction and fantasy, who published her works at a time when people of her description did not even exist as characters in the genre, leave alone writers. Earlier in , I wrote an article for Tor. Les nations existent-elles? Nicolas Nova is an ethnographer, futures researcher, writer and curator.

He accompanies collective artistic creations around societal issues scientific controversies, managerial issues …. He is Releasing a book, in November The originality of this project is to mix art, artscience and human sciences around the issue of transhumanism feasible? Her work bridges the histories of science, computing, and cybernetics with design and art practice.

She is also a co-director of the Speculative Life Research Cluster, alaboratory situated at the intersection of the environmental sciences, architecture and design, and computational media. I think its emblematic in terms of thinking critically about what it means to do research at new scales and about creating institutional spaces and models that might support new forms of work, while insisting on ongoing engagement with critical questions in the humanities, and without homogenizing all practices.

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I also insist on the place of non-functional and experimental forms of research,as well as finding ways to invent new forms of research and education that are not solely reactionary in their tense and mode. Vous pouvez en apprendre plus en consultant: www. Since , she has been studying the impact of digital technology on urban popular culture in Africa and closely follows the works of artists, activists, and theorists who reflect on the sociocultural, political and economic issues at play in Africa in the 21st century.

Her fields of investigation include Africa sf , a research project she has been developing for several years. Oulimata is convinced that science fiction has emerged as the genre that best reflects the interactions between the present, projections for the future, and founding myths. This research is constantly evolving, thanks to field trips, as well as the works of researchers and artists.

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  • DI articulates digital technologies and Africa together with a view to reevaluate the dominant imaginaries that shape contemporary digital practices. NAU revisits the struggle for non-aligned African positionalities under the conditions of contemporary digital practices. Oulimata has developed the platform xamxam , youtube , afrocyberfeminismes and co-founded the collective Startup Africa Paris which focuses on the African diaspora and digital entrepreneurship. SPACE has wide experience in documentary theatre and immersive collaborative storytelling in various media.

    Playing on the margins of fiction and reality in an explorative nature, the constants that define SPACE are the interactive role of the audience and the site and culture-specific tailoring of scenarios to individual locations. SPACE is searching for the theatrical emulation of the documentary and immerses the audience in an interactive sensory experience, a strong physical sensation of time and space.

    SPACE invites the audience and the participants to establish an intimate connection with the location and the subject. The stage starts where the body ends. SPACE is styled to understand the uniqueness of each location and the community connected to it.

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    SPACE wants to implement the power of the theatre into all forms of contemporary storytelling in divers media. SPACE believes that the insights that can be generated through an immersive art experience yield knowledge that is indispensable in all segments of life. Art is the tool and the means to a new way of thinking and doing. Next writing and teaching she worked on numerous performances in the Netherlands and abroad: deworldwideheroshow , an interactive game, All that you forgot , an olfactoral memory theatre. A series of exploratory operations on shifting identity: The Shapeshifters , society of the third sex , The Place Where We Belong, society Europe and Design God , society of consolation.

    Holland Tsunami, drowning in Europe, a bilateral mockumentary on migration. The Cloud : a guided tour in the historical museum of the present.

    Aarathi Krishnan

    Pig Bank for Homeless Dreams , a live crowd founding event. The series Remember The Good Times, living heritage museum apps. New work is coming up in January ; Digest The Future. A cross sector future scenario and visionary storytelling that aims to bridge the knowledge gap. The main question that is stated during a performative dinner is: Who owns the Future?

    Ardai was mentoring and teaching at a. From she is member at the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts. Ardai is working on a book at Atlas Publishers Amsterdam. Puruesh Chaudhary is a futures researcher and strategic narrative professional. Her work mostly involves futures research, knowledge-collaborations and content intelligence within the framework of human security. She has worked with multilateral donors and aid agencies, news organizations and multinationals in advancing development efforts in Pakistan. She is the Founder and President of AGAHI, a non-governmental organization, which works extensively on creating shared spaces for interactive learning, collaborative thinking and knowledge sharing.

    Pakistan Foresight Initiative, a project of AGAHI aims to improve policymaking and strategic narratives on key priority areas of the Foresight Lab; facilitative platform — a thinkware that is engaging legislators, strategists, academicians and the community for developing shared understanding for effective implementation of decisions. Chaudhary is invited to various international and domestic forums to speak on futures, storytelling and human security.

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    Besides writing, Regina is also dedicated to science fiction culture promotion. Now working as Overseas Market Director for Storycom, she promotes Chinese science fiction internationally. For thirty years Riel has been co-creating innovation, leadership and transformation in both the public and private sectors around the world. In he founded an independent consultancy — xperidox which means knowledge through experience to advise clients on how to use the future more effectively. Since , when he managed his first major participatory foresight exercise Vision , Riel has designed over fifty applied futures projects around the world, large and small scale, public and private.

    He is an accomplished and innovative designer of processes for using the future to make decisions in the present. Riel is an experienced keynote speaker, project manager, master of ceremonies, university lecturer, workshop leader, and group facilitator.

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    • He is widely published, with works that cover topics such as the future of: innovation, research, money-finance, public services, education, the Internet, identity, information technology, the knowledge society, regional development, health, universities, telepresence, etc. Riel has an extensive international network and a solid track record of creativity. Rocio Berenguer is a transdisciplinary artist. In her professional career, she joins; Dramaturgie, directing, acting, dancing, choreographing and is the Artistic Director of the company, Pulso, where she deploys her universe in her creations and in the process of dramaturgy of the body and new media.

      In these creations she explores the hybridization between different disciplines. The creations of Pulso occur internationally and mainly in France. Rocio also collaborates with various artists, developers, engineers, technicians and scientists. Directrice Artistique de la cie. Salik Shah is a science fiction writer and filmmaker. He has a degree from Film and Television Institute of India, and has written a feature film, and produced videos and documentaries for channels including National Geographic.

      e-book Le Secret de limmortalité (FICTION) (French Edition)

      Shah is currently working to set up a research institute for science fiction and futures studies in New Delhi. He is deeply interested in a range of issues including public policy, sustainable development, transparency, blockchain, universal basic assets and healthcare, privacy and freedom.

      In , he is in charge of the project of Tammari School , a school complex for children, made of raw earth and mixed techniques with the population and the tamberma builders Northern Togo, World Heritage of UNESCO. The LowHighTech concept is born to emphasize this proximity and to consider an original approach to innovation issues involving modest layers. Afate the first African 3D printer, built with computer waste are the best ambassadors for this vision of society. He is mentor of a community of about thirty young boarders, co-partners of the dozen local businesses, collaborators of the SIliconVilla program.

      CNN African Voices describes Shadreck Chikoti as one of the leading cultural managers and writers who dares to defy stereo types of African literature and who is changing the perception of Malawian writing. He is the vice president of Malawi Writers Union, an umbrella body for writers and co-director of Pan African Publishers Ltd, which he founded in alongside a Danish writer Trine Andersena.

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      In he founded The Story Club Malawi; a rallying-ground for writers, critics and readers, a space for exchanging thoughts that support the growth of art in Malawi. With professional qualifications in journalism, radio production, and communication, Shadreck has been able, over the years, to interact with leading cultural practitioners inside and outside his country. I am the national coordinator of the Story Club, an arts hub I founded in The Club is a gathering of enthusiasts for arts; art managers, art lovers and involves all forms of art, from literature to visual arts and anything in-between.