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Overeaters Anonymous OA Meeting. When the lights went out to signal the start pole sitter Raikkonen made a clean getaway and led from Vettel, Bottas, Verstappen and Ricciardo.

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Sainz kept sixth ahead of Perez and Grosjean. The pair almost collided on the way out from their stops, however, and Wehrlein was subsequently handed a five-second time penalty for an unsafe release. Verstappen was the first of the leading pack to make a pit stop, attempting to undercut Bottas on lap 34 with a stop for supersofts. The Dutchman closed hard but when Bottas pitted the Finn emerged just in front to hold position.

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Vettel now led the race, 4. Vettel set the race fastest lap on his 37th tour, a Ricciardo worked his stop for the red-banded Pirellis even better, jumping both team-mate Verstappen and Bottas during his brief halt in the pit lane. Behind the top five, Hamilton who was still on his starting ultrasofts, had now risen to sixth ahead of Vandoorne, who also needed to make a pit stop. Sainz was eighth ahead of Grosjean and Kvyat. By lap 45 Hamilton was the only driver still needing to pit, with Mercedes putting the Briton on a long first stint to see how many cars he could jump in the space vacated by those pitting around him.

By lap 48 and his stop for supersofts that answer was delivered — six beyond his grid slot — and the three-time champion settled into seventh place, just under 10s behind Sainz. At the front, Vettel was forging ahead, blasting to a 9. Ricciardo was determined to make a fight of it however and on lap 51 the Australian ran 1. Behind the top three, Bottas was not fourth but 13s behind Ricciardo, while Verstappen was a second behind the Mercedes and looking to attack.

Sainz was now sixth but behind him Hamilton was closing, with the Briton now just 3.


Grosjean was now eighth ahead of Kvyat and Vandoorne. On lap 61 the gaps closed when Button collided with Wehrlein as the pair went through the Portier corners. The Safety Car was immediately deployed and the medical car despatched, but it soon became clear that Wehrlein was unhurt and once he was freed from the wreck, the work of clearing his Sauber from the track began. In the meantime, team-mate Ericsson also exited the race. Once the mug is full, the player releases the tap which automatically slides the mug towards the advancing customer.

Customers catch mugs that are slid towards them, as long as they are not already drinking a beer, or otherwise distracted. If a mug is not caught by a customer whether the customer is already drinking or distracted, or if there is no customer , then it falls off the bar on the other end, resulting in a loss of a life for the player. If a customer does catch the mug, though, then he or she is pushed back some amount towards the opposite end of the screen.

The goal is to push the customer completely off the screen, but if they are not then they will stay and consume their drink in place.

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When a customer finishes his drink, he slides the empty mug back towards the player, after which the customer resumes his advance on the player. The player must collect the empty mugs before they reach the end of the bar and fall to the ground, as a mug falling to the ground costs a life.

Periodically, customers will leave tips on the bar for the player. These tips can be left at any place on the bar. The tip will appear after a specific number of empty mugs are released by the customers, and will appear wherever the customer who releases the required mug is standing. For example, in all levels, the first tip is left by the customer who returns the second empty mug, and will be left beside wherever this customer is standing.

By collecting the tip, the player earns extra points and initiates "entertainment" for that level dancing girls on the wild-west level, cheerleaders on the sports level, etc. While the entertainment is active, some fraction of the customers will be distracted and stop advancing towards the player, but they will also stop catching mugs. To complete a level the player must clear the entire bar of customers.

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Once this is done, the player is presented with a short vignette in which the bartender draws a drink for himself, drinks it, then tosses the empty mug into the air with varying usually humorous results, such as kicking it and shattering it or having the mug fall atop his head and cover it. As the game progresses, the customers appear more frequently, move faster along the bar, and are pushed back shorter distances when they catch their drinks. In addition, the maximum number of customers per bar gradually increases until every bar can have up to four customers at a time.

In between levels of different settings, the player is presented with a shell game-type round. In this segue, the player is presented with a single bar that has six cans of beer or root beer sitting on top of it. A masked villain shakes every can except one and then pounds on the bar, causing the cans to shuffle their positions.

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  4. If the player selects the unshaken can, the hero is shown smiling and a message reads "This Bud's For You" on the Budweiser version or "This one's for you" on Root Beer Tapper , and the player is rewarded with extra points. There are four settings for the game, each setting lasting for two to four levels.

    The settings of the game are: - A western bar with cowboys 2 levels - A sports bar with athletes 3 levels - A punk rock bar with punk rockers 4 levels - A space bar with aliens 4 levels After completing all the levels, 13 in all, the player starts at the first again, harder than the first time through, and with some minor variations.

    Cop A. Story B. Rap Boys B. Another group of direct solar-pumped lasers rely on the electronic-vibrational excitation produced by sunlight to power the laser action. Two systems are being actively studied. The first is a liquid neodymium Nd ion laser, which absorbs throughout the visible spectrum and emits in the near-infrared at 1. This lasant has lased with flashlamp pumping and is currently being tried with solar pumping, since calculations indicate feasibility.

    A second candidate of this sort is a dye laser, which absorbs in the blue-green range and emits in the red, near 0. These lasers offer good quantum efficiency and emission that is both of short wavelength and tunable. However, the lasers require extremely high excitation to overcome their high threshold for lasing, and the feasibility of achieving this with concentrated sunlight is still a question for further research.

    Photoexcitation lasers driven by thermal radiation produced by the Sun are termed indirect solar-pumped lasers. The lower pumping energy implies longer wavelength emission than with photodissociation lasers.

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    Two lasers, the first blackbody-cavity-pumped laser and a blackbody-pumped transfer laser, work on this principle. These lasers are inherently continuous wave and have generated powers approaching 1 watt in initial laboratory versions, with blackbody temperatures between K and K.

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    While such lasers, powered by solar energy, may be used in space, they also offer great potential for converting to laser energy the thermal energy generated by chemical reactions, by nuclear power, by electrical power, or by other high- temperature sources. The laser power needed to accelerate the 82, ton interstellar vehicle at one percent of earth gravity was just over terawatts. As is shown in Figure 5, this was obtained from an array of laser generators orbiting around Mercury which has 6.

    Each laser generator used a thirty kilometer diameter lightweight reflector that collected 6. When fed the right pumping light, the lasers were very efficient and produced 1. The output aperture of the lasers was meters in diameter, so the flux that the laser mirrors had to handle was only about 12 suns. The lasers and their collectors were in sun-synchronous orbit around Mercury to keep them from being moved about by the light pressure from the intercepted sunlight and the transmitted laser beam.

    The beams from the laser generators were transmitted out to the L-2 point of Mercury where they were collected, phase shifted until they were all in phase, then combined into a single coherent beam about 3. This beam was deflected from a final mirror that was tilted at 4. The crew to construct and maintain the laser generators were housed in the Mercury Laser Propulsion Construction, Command, and Control Center. The station was not in orbit about Mercury, but hung below the "sunhook," a large ring sail that straddled the shadow cone of Mercury about halfway up the cone.

    The final transmitter lens for the laser propulsion system was a thin film of plastic net, with alternating circular zones that either were empty or covered with a thin film of plastic that caused a half-wavelength phase delay in the 1. During the deceleration phase, when the laser frequency was tripled to produce 0. This huge Fresnel zone plate acted as a final lens for the beam coming from Mercury.

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    6. Since the focal length of the Fresnel zone plate was very long, the changes in shape or position of the billowing plastic net lens had almost no effect on the transmitted beam. The zone plate was rotated slowly to keep it stretched and an array of controllable mirrors around the periphery used the small amount of laser light that missed the lens to counteract the gravity pull of the distant Sun and keep the huge sail fixed in space along the Sun-Barnard axis.

      Last on my list is beamed power, which arguably does not belong in an 'early days' roundup. The usual example is a solar power satellite network beaming power down to the surface. Other uses include long-range power probably laser to a vehicle or satellite for propulsion and short-range power probably RF between a carrier satellite and payload cubesats or other small craft.

      The SPS concept has been thoroughly explored over the decades. All necessary technologies exist and have been demonstrated. Environmental impact studies have been performed.