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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Framed by Jonathan Cross's stylish response to the theme 'Stravinsky in exile', and Leon Botstein's thoughts on the rewards of.
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Bard Music Festival Presents STRAVINSKY RE-INVENTED: FROM PARIS to LA Tonight

A look inside Protest! A look inside The Nevada Test Site November 11, More nuclear bombs have been detonated in America than in any other country in the world. There follows a work from the late s, the Preludes, Op.

The great Polonaise-Fantaisie, Op. Although most of them were published under a single opus number, he wrote them throughout his career, beginning as early as and ending as late as The songs are quite beautiful and should illuminate his early adoption of folk songs and dances into his piano music, the original inspiration of his mazurkas and polonaises, which developed far beyond their ethnic mould into works as elaborate as Op. The next morning, Saturday, August 12, will be devoted to a panel discussion, Chopin: Real and Imagined , speakers to be announced.

Before entering the High School at age 16, Chopin took private lessons with Elsner, based on the classics of 18th century composition, counterpoint, and theory. The program sticks very much to the point. Of Elsner, Anna Polonsky will play a piano sonata. Renowned as a pianist, he actually instructed Chopin in the organ. Maria Szymanowska was a celebrated composer-pianist in her time, foreshadowing Chopin by leaving Warsaw for Paris and performing in salons there.

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After she travelled widely, especially in Russia and secured a position at the court in St. She returned to Warsaw in and played a concert which Chopin attended.

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Her singing legato made an impression on him, which influenced his playing and writing in important ways. She also performed together with Johann Nepomuk Hummel, one of the foremost virtuosi of his time, a pupil of Mozart and author of an important manual on keyboard playing. He performed in Warsaw several times, notably in Chopin played his concerti and solo works often, and his earliest compositions are very much in his style. Jesse Mills will play his third violin concerto, written after Chopin had established himself in Paris.

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Bard Music Festival stalwart, Piers Lane, will start off the last day of the first weekend with a concert-lecture on the piano in the 19th century, with works by Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and others. His Concerto No. Chopin is not one of those composers who is most widely identified with works which are not his best, and a Chopin festival is inconceivable without a serious session with his core work. With these outstanding pianists, some young, some in mid-career, this should prove an enlightening and satisfying journey, not to be mapped in chronological order, but comparing and contrasting work from the s and s.

The program speaks for itself.

Leon Botstein Discusses Bard Music Festival 2019 Korngold and His World

In these gatherings, surrounded by the highly-placed people he regarded, he was free of the stage fright which made public concerts a torture for him. He could also budget his limited energy when playing in salons. Here he recruited pupils as well, who provided his main source of income.

The concert will begin with the music of Chopin himself, his early Introduction and Polonaise brillante in C, Op. He decided to move there in , beginning his life of exile. When he wrote his Waltzes Op. A Nocturne by the Irish composer John Field will illustrate the genre before Chopin took it up and made it his own. A Nocturne by Auguste Franchomme —84 for two cellos will show a radically different instrumental approach to the genre.

The salon was a natural venue for such an intimate form of expression. Elsner had great hopes that his pupil would write the great Polish national opera, distilling Polishness in music, mores, tradition, and culture into a grand performance. Born in a village in what is now Byelorussia as a member of the middle aristocracy slachta , his father, a poet and painter, and his mother, an accomplished amateur pianist, were able to support his musical talents. They moved to Warsaw to enable him to study at the Conservatory. Eliot and W.

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From his apprenticeship years in St. Petersburg to those spent leading the Parisian avant-garde and as an e? His stylistic development reflects this protean capacity for change. Later, when it became politically expedient for him to distance himself from his Russian roots, Stravinsky developed neoclassicism, infusing pastiches of past masters with a subtly contemporary slant.